Pokemon Go


Popular App

Pokemon Go is a popular app that debuted in July of 2016. Many people were very excited about it because it was a revival of the then popular card game of the s. This app continues to be popular as it helps people socialize with other people better than anything has since the popularity of cell phones.

What does it do?

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go, or at least something about it, then I’d say you’re living under a rock. This app is a game where you are able to walk and ‘catch’ Pokemon creatures using your phone. There was an imitative in place for a while to get America healthy and tried to do that through making school lunches healthier, but that was about it. They needed more movement and activity than what most people get in a day.

What is the result?

Well, Pokemon Go has become so popular that one shelter decided to give people dogs to walk as they were Pokemon hunting. The shelter had to buy more leashes since a lot of people were walking dogs. This was a good consequence for the dogs, since the dogs got loving homes because of it. There has been an increase in socialization with other people because of the game. More people have been getting out and walking because they want to play. Other places have been visited more because there are Pokemon characters to catch.

In General

In General, Pokemon Go has been a huge success! This has had more people exercising with their dogs or in general with their families than ever before. There has even been cases where the servers have crashed because of people using it. For more info click on pokemon go cheat.


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