Why You Should Consider Playing Pokemon Go

2The iOs and Android game Pokemon Go was released last year to great success. At one point, more than 15 million people around the world were playing it.

Since then, Pokemon Go’s popularity has fallen quite a lot, but it is still a game many people are playing. If you have not played it, you really should try it as it is a game that has many advantages.

Cheap to buy — Unlike some games, which are expensive to buy, Pokemon Go is a cheap game. Just a few dollars will get you started playing.

A fun game — Pokemon Go is an incredibly fun game to play no matter how young or old you are. It doesn’t require a lot of expertise once you learn the controls, just an interest in taking walks so you can catch more Pokemon.

Once you start collecting Pokemon, you will become addicted to the game and find you cannot go a day without playing it.

Updates are still happening — Pokemon Go is also a game that still gets updates, so there is no worry about playing and then finding out it has come to an end.

A good weight loss program — Interestingly, Pokemon Go has been used by some people as a way to lose weight. That is because playing Pokemon Go requires that you leave your house and walk around to try to find new Pokemon to capture. These Pokemon can be found anywhere you are, whether that is in the high street shopping or out in the woods taking a hike.

People who really got into playing Pokemon Go reported losing 10 pounds or more over the summer last year, as they spent so much time walking around trying to catch Pokemon.

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